Holy Communion

In accordance with the Porvoo Agreement Anglicans are welcome to communion with Lutherans. In addition, the Turku Cathedral International Congregation invites baptized Christians of all denominations to receive Holy Communion as their conscience dictates.

There is nowadays also gluten free bread available for our services at the Cathedral. Please tell to the minister serving on that Sunday if you would like the gluten free wafer. If you do not want to receive the wine, you can either leave the table after having got the bread or stay and give a sign to the pastor when (s)he comes with the cup.

The Anglican Church in Finland

The Chaplaincy cares for the pastoral needs of Anglicans and Episcopalians in Helsinki and throughout Finland and works closely with our Lutheran brothers in promoting the spirit of the Porvoo Agreement.

The Chaplaincy also has a webpage you can visit at anglican.fi.

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