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Parish elections in Turku and Kaarina

Vote in parish elections

Parish elections will be held in November 2018.

The official election day is 18 November 2018. Advance voting will be held from 6–10 November 2018.

New decision-makers for the church will be elected in the election.

The inhabitants of Turku and Kaarina will elect new representatives for two administrative bodies in the same election:
1) the parish board of your local parish
2) the parish union board of the parish union.

The term of the representatives is four years (2019–2022).

Why vote?

In the parish election you can influence the future of your local parish and the church.

Parish board

Each parish in the Turku and Kaarina region has its own parish board. It makes the plans for the parish for the next four years.

The parish board plans and guides the activities of the parish and decides how funds are spent in the parish. The parish board also chooses the new employees to the parish.

Parish union board

The parishes in Turku and Kaarina form a parish union which has a shared parish union board. Each parish has representatives in the parish union board.

The parish union board decides, for example, on the property of the parish union and how funds are spent in the parish union, construction of new buildings, charges for burial places, and establishing and discontinuing of offices.

Who can vote?

You can vote in the parish elections if you a have turned 16 on the election day, 18 November 2018, at the latest.

You need to be a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Confirmation preparation or confirmation itself are not required; Church membership is enough.

Who are the candidates?

You can vote the candidates of your local parish. Some of them stand for candidates to both the parish board and the parish union board. Others are only candidates for one of them.

At the voting site you will get two ballots. The orange ballot is for voting a candidate to the parish board of your local parish, and the white ballot is for voting a candidate to the parish union board.

Orange ballot: parish board of your local parish

White ballot: parish union board

» See the candidates of your local parish

Where can I vote?

Advance voting

You can vote in advance at any advance polling station in Finland. Advance voting starts on Tuesday, 6 November 2018 and ends on Saturday, 10 November 2018.

There are advance polling stations in different locations in Turku and Kaarina, e.g. schools and supermarkets.

» See the advance polling stations here

Election day

The official election day is 18 November 2018. On the election day, you can vote at the polling station of your local parish. The polling stations are open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Check the polling stations and their opening hours before you go voting. Take a certificate of identity with you.

» See the election day polling stations here

Home voting

You can vote in advance at home, if your ability to move is limited so that you are unable to get to the polling station.

If you vote at home, please notify the parish secretary of your local parish thereof by telephone. The telephone exchange of the parish union can be reached at 040 3417 111. The notification can be made on your behalf by another person, e.g. a next of kin.

If you have a carer, he or she can vote at the same time.

You should notify the parish about home voting by 2 November 2018 before 4 p.m. at the latest.