The Turku Cathedral International Congregation

The congrecation is part of the Turku Cathedral Congregation. It provides church services in English for people of all ages who have moved to Finland from other parts of the world.

Guidelines during the outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Update 16.03.2020

The Finnish Government has today announced further actions to slow down the Coronavirus. These include taking in to use emergency powers legislation which allow the Government to by-pass many normal procedures in order to implement restrictions and policies to protect the nation.

All public gathering of more than 10 people have been banned. Government-run re-creational activities, public archives etc will be closed. The Prime Minister has asked churches and other religious entities to follow this advice. There remains some uncertainty what the churches are able to do at the moment. We are investigating the Government announcement and update these pages as we know more. As a Church of England chaplaincy and the Finnish Lutheran Church (or parish) we must follow her guidelines also.

For many of you the closing of schools and border-crossing points is a source of huge stress and anxiety. I am aware that some have been called back home by their employers. Those in risk groups must take good care of themselves by avoiding unnecessary going out.

But as the Prime Minister said, you are free to visit parks and take care of your necessary daily tasks. As a church community – and as individuals – we can think how to best help our neighbours in need.

"Church is not a building you go to or a meeting you attend. Church is a family you belong to"

The pastors of the Turku Cathedral International Congregation can be contacted by phone or by e-mail also during this time. They are available for pastoral care and guidance. Funeral services can take place but with no more than 10 people. Baptisms and Marriage services must be postponed until further notice.

Keep us, good Lord,
under the shadow of your mercy
in this time of uncertainty and distress.
Sustain and support the anxious and fearful,
and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may rejoice in your comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love
in Christ Jesus our Lord.


The Turku Cathedral International Congregation

Some are here in Turku for a shorter period of time and others have moved to Finland permanently and some are Finns with an international background.

All are welcome! The members of the congregation represent a variety of churches and backgrounds. Service usually follows practices of the Church of England.

Many of the people attending our services are members of the Lutheran Church; some are members of the Anglican church, with which we have special collaboration under the Porvoo Agreement; and others are members of the churches where they have come from, and represent a wide range of different churches in different countries. We invite all baptised christians to holy communion.


No services during 18.3.-13.4.2020 due to the coronavirus epidemia

There is service every Sunday at the Turku Cathedral  (Tuomiokirkonkatu 1) at 4 pm. Usually we celebrate in English and follow practices of the Church of England. Once in a month we have a Mass of Trust, a mass with Taizé-songs. This service is in both Finnish and English.

For other program please check the notice board at the Cathedral and/or our Facebook group The Turku Cathedral International Congregation TCIC.


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Vanha puinen ovi ja rautainen ovenkahva.
Palava kynttilä.

Eucharistic fellowship and close ecclesiastical contacts

In 2001 ecclesiastical law and the church constitution were brought into harmony with the ecumenical Lutheran-Anglican Porvoo Declaration signed in 1995.

Members of the signatory churches are considered on a par with members of the Lutheran Church of Finland so that they can, for instance, act as godparents and assist in distributing communion.

In order to fill pastorates on a reciprocal basis the chapter may grant exemption from the requirements for membership of the Finnish Lutheran Church to a priest or minister who belongs to one of the other signatory churches.

The Porvoo Declaration is a joint theological document produced by the Nordic and Baltic Lutheran churches and the Anglican churches of Great Britain and Ireland, whereby eucharistic fellowship and close ecclesiastical contacts were established between the signatory churches to the communiqué.

(The text is based on Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland: News in English 29.6.2001)

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Our Priest

The priest of the congregation is the Rev Saara Markkula. You can contact her

  • Mobile +358 40 3417 106
  • Email saara.markkula(at)
  • Mailing address: Turun ja Kaarinan seurakuntayhtymä, Eerikinkatu 3 A, BOX 922, 20101 Turku 

The Turku Cathedral Congregation TCIC has its own group in Facebook.

Student Work

The pastors responsible for the work among exchange students and faculty are University Chaplain Mia Pusa and the pastor of the Turku Cathedral International Congregation, TCIC, priest Miika Ahola.

If you'd like a chance for a private discussion or counselling you can call or email Mia or Miika or grab Miika's sleeve before or after the service and arrange for a meeting.

University Chaplain Mia Pusa

  • Mobile: +358 40 34 17 296
  • Email: mia.pusa(at)

Events Calendar

Mass every Sunday 4 pm Turku Cathedral, Tarkk'ampuja Chapel, if not stated other wise.

Due to the corona virus epidemia there will be no services or any other congregational activities



Bible Study Group - Meeting God in Paul

Vähä-Hämeenkatu 12, at 6 PM. Please note new location!

22.1. Introduction: Paul, the Apostle of the Heart Set Free

5.2. Outsiders and Insiders: Paul’s social world

19.2. The Universal Welcome: Paul’s Disturbing Idea

4.3. The New Creation: Paul’s Christian Universe

18.3. CANCELLED due to the corona virus - Lenten reading: A Sacrifice that Heals

1.4. CANCELLED Lenten reading: Life in the Spirit

15.4. Lenten reading: Holy Week – Resurrection Reflection

29.4. Conclusion: Living in God’s life

Bible Study group is an open group, you can come whenever during the study. More info: or facebook/turkucathedralinternationalcongregation

Welcome to study the bible together!